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  1. These plans cover one residential heating system. Oil tanks, oil lines, and any associated problems are specifically excluded unless otherwise noted. Bender’s Oil Service, Inc. (herein referred to as Company) reserves the right to inspect the equipment covered before acceptance. Any parts necessary for acceptance will be charged at prevailing rates. The plans renew annually; if the customer cancels the plan for any reason before the end of the service period all work previously covered by the plan will be billed at prevailing rates. The plan and billing will renew automatically at the annual start date unless cancelled by either party in writing.
  2. Company reserves the right to deem equipment not worth repairing based on factors such as age and condition, in which event the price of the service plan will be credited toward new equipment sold and installed by Company.
  3. Annual tune-ups will be scheduled during normal working hours, Monday through Friday. These plans are transferable to new owners if the house is sold, but they are not refundable. Further, the plan is void if any person, including owner, renders service to equipment except as instructed by us.
  4. Annual tune-ups will be scheduled by the customer. Customer acknowledges that annual tune-ups scheduled between the months of September and March will have a wait time of one month or longer.
  5. Account must be current. Past due balances on any open account will void this plan.
  6. Company shall not be responsible for customer’s failure to use ordinary care in the operation of any heating/cooling/hot water system, such as, but not limited to, replacing blown fuses, resetting breaker switches, or turning on and off power switches.
  7. Frozen or congealed oil lines, lack of oil when not on automatic delivery, water or contamination in fuel, electric and/or wiring problem, or customer not available will be charged at prevailing rates.
  8. Our obligation to service and replacement of any part is subject to location accessibility and parts availability through normal sources of supply. All fuel oil and parts must be purchased from Bender’s Oil Service, Inc.
  9. This plan does not cover services or replacement of parts damaged by water, fire, acts of God, accident, or abuse. Company shall not be held responsible for any non-performance when prevented by any circumstances beyond its control.
  10. These plans do not include plumbing repairs; bleeding or purging air from system; draining expansion tank; repair of water leaks; damage caused by oil leaks; or any items not identified in plan agreement. Under no circumstances shall Bender’s Oil Service, Inc. be responsible for the replacement of the entire oil burner.
  11. This plan may be terminated by Company (a) if service is afforded by anyone other than Company, (b) if customer fails to comply with Company credit terms, (c) if customer fails to provide a safe and reasonably clean place in which to work, or (d) if customer installs or attaches non-compatible devices to any system.
  12. Company will not be held liable for injury or damage to persons, property, or consequential damage resulting from defects in, or the non-operation of, customer heating equipment or its accessories, nor for damages resulting from heat failure in a vacant building.
  13. Plan(s) are not available for commercial and industrial burners and wood fired boilers.
  14. Amendment and Cancellation. We may amend or change the terms of this plan at any time. We may amend or change the services offered as part of the plan at any time. You will be notified of any change in the manner provided by applicable law prior to the effective date of the change.
  15. Tank protection plan must have tank inspected by our technician before your tank can be accepted for enrollment in the program. Replace or repair your steel above ground 275/330 gallon tank if it leaks due to corrosion. It is the customers responsibility to remove any partitions or obstructions around tanks. Any loss of oil and any cost of removal of dirt polluted by oil or any consequential damage to the environment shall also be the customers responsibility. This contract is not available on any buried tank. It is only available on tanks used to store fuel oil or kerosene used for heating purposes. Your plan includes only labor and materials supplied by us. It covers only the tank and does not cover any fittings or any other attachments to the tank.
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